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We offer a secure, happy and stimulating environment where independence, self confidence, consideration for others and good manners are encouraged. We are committed to working closely with parents, families and outside agencies to ensure we meet every child’s individual and unique needs. We believe in having well qualified, skilled and highly motivated staff team who work hard to achieve the highest possible standards of care and education. Together with our dedicated committee, we constantly strive to improve and develop our services for now and the future.

Aims of our Preschool

  •  to provide a stimulating environment for the children, which encourages their all- round development through the provision of appropriate learning opportunities  
  • to ensure the safety of the children in our care 
  •  to achieve the desirable outcomes of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum applicable to two, three and four year old children  to provide equality of opportunity for all children and families  
  • to make pre-school accessible to children and families from all sectors of the local community  
  • to identify and assess special educational needs, and to make appropriate provisions.